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FarWell’s recruiting and selection process is experiential, thoughtful and non-reactive. Since we're not a staffing agency, we don’t recruit reactively for FarWell client opportunities. Instead, we follow a forward-thinking recruiting process. This means we speak regularly with qualified individuals who may in the future be a right fit for our team. We take the time to ensure both parties have asked all the right questions and have received enough information to know if there’s a match.

"I'm not looking for the best players...

I'm looking for the right ones."

- Coach Herb Brooks (Miracle, 2004)


A recent internal study showed that 75% of FarWell employees were referred to our organization by our current team members, former team members, or clients. Through these trusted relationships, we're fortunate to find individuals who share our Values, adhere to our Core Competencies and display a range of skills across our delivery capabilities.


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Each step of our recruiting process has its own distinct goals and objectives.

'FarWell Insider' Submission. The first step in our recruiting process is to become a FarWell Insider. The submission allows FarWell to capture all necessary candidacy information. FarWell evaluates the information submitted and responds accordingly.

Introductory Conversation. We schedule an introductory conversation with the individuals we want to meet. The meeting is informal, fluid and educational. We expand upon our “About FarWell” principles, answer questions about our team and, if necessary, highlight our overall recruiting process.

Work Product Review. Next, if the prospective team member hasn't already done so, we ask the individual to provide relevant work product examples. We want to confirm their talents, skills, and experience align well with FarWell's core capabilities.

Cultural Competencies Evaluation. Using asynchronous online interviewing tools, FarWell requests candidates complete a cultural competencies evaluation. This evaluation is focused on FarWell's Core Competencies and helps us determine if there is a strong culture-fit. 

Interview(s) with FarWell SME(s). After we receive the work examples, we introduce the prospective team member to FarWell Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). At this stage, our SMEs dive more deeply into an individual's core competencies and professional experiences. We want to understand their strengths, intrinsic motivators and the type of work environments that make them successful. Conversely, it’s an opportunity for the prospective team member to interview FarWell. We’ll often schedule two or three separate meetings with SMEs.

FarWell Team Experience. If candidates advance to the final stages of our recruiting process, we invite them to attend a FarWell Team Experience. The experience could be a virtual lunch, happy hour, or community meetup. Individuals can meet multiple team members, learn about projects they're working on, and experience our culture at a deeper level at these outings..

Given the multiple steps in the recruiting process, it’s not uncommon for it to take several weeks to complete. We share information about FarWell’s compensation, benefits and perks as individuals advance through our recruiting process.

How It Works


If you successfully complete our standard recruitment process, our ability to hire you as a new advisor is influenced by four main factors.

1. Market Demand. Have we acquired new client opportunities for our services?

2. Existing Team Member's Capacity and Skills. Do we have existing team members with the available capacity and required skills to perform the work?

3. Right-Fit Engagement. Does the opportunity fit the needs of the prospective team member? (This considers factors such as project role, project duration, utilization, and location)

4. Client Approval. Does the client need to interview the prospective team member? Is client approval required for the hiring decision to move forward?


All the questions need to be answered favorably before we issue a formal offer letter to a new employee. Please understand that many variables impact timing. It’s not uncommon for an offer to take several months to develop.


We’ll communicate with you regularly throughout the process and alert you to changes or new opportunities as they arise. Given all of these factors, the earlier you start at the front end of the recruitment process, the better.

Applying As Advisor?
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