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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of your employee perks and benefits?

FarWell is proud to offer employees wide ranging perks, benefits and support structures to help our team members flourish personally and professionally. A few of our benefits include, but are not limited to:

Medical, Dental and Vision Plan(s)

FarWell pays 80% of medical premiums and 90% of dental premiums for individuals. 

401(k) Retirement Plan

All employees are automatically enrolled and invited to contribute to a retirement account through PAi, managed by FarWell. Employees receive a 3% Safe Harbor distribution into their 401(k) accounts each payroll cycle. 

Financial Wellness

As part of FarWell's Financial Wellness program, all employees receive complimentary access to Advizr, a financial wellness platform designed to help employees take charge of their money matters and achieve short and long-term goals.

Additionally,  FarWell provides employees access to a Financial Coach, Ed Jaeger of Canary Wealth Strategies. As FarWell’s Financial Coach, Ed will have access to all information noted within the financial wellness platform in order to provide employees with recommendations on topics of interest. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes balancing those challenges can be very difficult. We are proud to provide a confidential program dedicated to supporting the emotional health and well-being of our employees and families. The employee assistance program (EAP) is offered at no cost to our employees through ERC Counselors & Consultants


Fringe is a FarWell sponsored marketplace designed to provide our employees with subscription services that uplift their personal values, reduce stress, save time and spark joy. Whether it's music streaming apps, meal delivery services or sustainably living products - we want you to give you space and time for the things you love most. 

For more information about FarWell's 'Fringe Benefits Program,' click here. 

Matched Donations / Paid Volunteer Time Off (PVTO)

FarWell proudly supports a "'Do Well' in the Community" program in which employees can be provided paid time off for volunteering in the community and for donations made to charitable organizations. The program is self-directed allowing team members the freedom to choose causes and organizations that are important them them. 


Additional Perks and Benefits:

  • Life & Disability Insurance

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

  • FIGO Pet Insurance

  • Metlaw Legal Protection 


Do you offer professional development opportunities?

FarWell's Employee Experience Vision is realized by creating Community, Cause and Career within our organization. As part of our career pathing and talent management framework, FarWell is committed to helping our team members develop through unique experiences, exposure and education. We call this our 'Go Far' Approach to professional development.


Recent examples of professional development opportunities at FarWell include, but are not limited to:

  • Launch of a company-wide initiative to help our team members become Professional Scrum Masters (PSM I)

  • Hosting virtual Lunch & Learns to cross-train employees on delivery capabilities and industry skills that are in high-demand

  • Development of an in-house 'Learning Portal' - a digital library of free, self-directed learning opportunities


Are your advisors W2 employees or 1099 sub-contractors?

Our advisors are W2 employees.


We don't hire with a transactional mindset; which is to say, we don't hire someone for a "one-off" project. Rather, we hire individuals that are aligned with our Values, Core Competencies and are a long-term fit for our team. 

In situations where our clients ask for our help in areas that are outside of our delivery capabilities, we look to our Partner Network - a vetted group of other local, regional and national professional service providers that offer complimentary services to FarWell. When we engage with our Partner Network, it is through a B2B sub-contractor partnership. We share the details of our partnerships openly with our clients. 

Does my compensation change with each project?

Our philosophy is that our employees should be compensated based on the overall skills and abilities that they bring to our organization, and not tied solely to the projects they're assigned to. As our team members continue to develop new skills, competencies and experiences, their value to our organization will increase. That continued growth is what drives compensation. 

What Are 'T-Shaped' Skills?  Why Is It Important?

At Farwell, we place a high-value on hiring individuals with T-shaped skills. For those unfamiliar with the model, the vertical bar on the letter "T" represents the depth of related skills and expertise in a single field. In FarWell's case, this translates to having deep expertise within Change Management, Project Management, Process Optimization and/or Agile. The horizontal bar represents a breadth of wide ranging skills and the ability to collaborate across disciplines with experts in other areas. 

Hiring individuals with breadth + depth is critical to FarWell's success. No two Farwell client engagements are exactly the same; rather, our projects require our team members to flex their skills to solve problems in complex, fast-paced business environments. 

How do you handle 'bench time' for advisors?


When FarWell is speaking with prospective team members, “bench time” is a common point of conversation. Individuals, especially those new to consulting, want to know, “How do I transition from one client to the next?” and/or “What happens if there isn’t immediate client work available?” The answers to these questions are important for candidates to consider as they are common experiences for our employees. 

Keeping individuals working at their desired utilization is a priority. FarWell's Leadership Team regularly reviews and discusses advisors' utilization with the goal of proactively identifying additional opportunities. 

As candidates advance through our recruiting process, we will share more detailed information to ensure individuals understand the high-level actions, timelines and cross-departmental collaboration that goes into keeping our team members at their desired levels of utilization. 

Do your clients allow for remote work?


Yes, generally speaking, our clients allow for remote-friendly working environments. 

Do your advisors use the same tools, templates and  methodologies on every project?

Typically, no. To quickly embed ourselves within our clients' operating environment, we often utilize the various tools, templates and/or work methodologies that our clients have available. That said, for certain engagements, it is not uncommon for our clients to ask for FarWell's help to identify and adopt various work methodologies (i.e. "Scrum"), tools, and/or templates.

FarWell's institutional knowledge has allowed us to build a library of tools, templates and methodologies that is continuously updated and is available for all of our advisors' use. To learn more about FarWell's perspective on current methodologies, frameworks, and tools, please review our 'News & Knowledge Center.


How long is a typical client engagement

Our client engagements vary in effort depending on the size and scope of the project. In general, a common project duration for FarWell is between 4-8 months. 

What are common advisory roles within FarWell?

Depending on years of experience and quantifiable knowledge, our advisors may play various roles on client projects ranging from Project Manager, Process Engineer and Change Lead. Check back soon for a comprehensive list of our advisory roles and their corresponding definitions.

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Comp Change
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remote work
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We place a big focus on 'Right-Fit'. Are we the right-fit for you as a potential team member? And, are you the right-fit for FarWell - do our values align and do your skills match our Core Competencies? Learn more about FarWell, and who we are, by checking out the first five steps from our Employee Experience Framework. 

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