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Our Values shape our behaviors and transcend every facet of our business – how we work with our clients, how we work with one another and how we make business decisions. Each of these values foster trust.

“Without trust, we don’t truly collaborate; we merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team.”

Stephen Covey - 


Our team members are empowered to make decisions that cultivate exceptional customer experiences. However, the exceptional can only happen through trust, which is why it lies at the heart of our culture. 


We build and maintain trust, between teammates and customers, through our three core values:


  • We remain open-minded, regularly seeking new input and feedback.

  • We listen for meaning and understanding with the other person’s needs in mind.

  • We are servant leaders, regularly flexing our skills to help our clients and team members achieve their goals.  



  • We make ourselves accessible, regularly making time to help others.  

  • We openly and willingly share our ideas and knowledge.

  • We seek conversations with team members and clients to guide our learning and development.



  • We keep promises and commitments made to others.

  • We take ownership over our work and promptly correct mistakes to the best of our best ability.

  • We search for the truth by speaking to team members directly, not making assumptions and tackling issues head-on.



While people can flex into behaviors for a period of time, team members who naturally live by our values will find success at FarWell. We have found that clearly defining the competencies that ensure this success, are critical to maintaining the culture that makes FarWell, FarWell.

We are looking for people who...

Collaborate. We openly and willingly share our ideas and knowledge. We work together, with our teammates and customers, to navigate complex business changes.


Ensure Accountability. Taking responsibility and owning up to commitments. Being answerable for your actions and the actions of those you lead. Being accountable makes you more visible and more open to criticism. On critical projects, it instills confidence in others when they know you have a vested interest in the positive outcome they are all striving towards.


Value Differences. It creates a work environment where people can, and want, to do their best. As the workforce is increasingly global, it has also become more diverse. The typical definition of diversity - race, ethnicity, culture – now includes perspectives, styles and thought. It opens the door to new ways of thinking and new opportunities for success.


Have Self-Awareness. The ability to clearly assess your own capabilities gives a foundation upon which to grow, develop and take on new challenges. Deploying yourself within life and work is greatly helped by really knowing your strengths, limitations and opportunities for growth. It allows us to bring our ‘best-selves’ to work.


Instill Trust. Trust lies at the heart of effective relationships. Whether in or out of workplace, trust generates feelings of goodwill. It enables successful and more productive outcomes. When there’s trust, things go more smoothly.



We emphasize "Right-Fit" for our client solutions. Are we the right fit for you as a potential team member? And, are you the right-fit for FarWell? Do our values align and do your talents and skills match our Core Competencies?


Learn more about FarWell, and who we are. Check out the first five steps from our Employee Experience Framework. 

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