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Senior Advisor - Work Management

Madison, WI   |   Full Time   |   $60 - $95 per hour

What kind of people do we want?

We are Change Navigators, Project Leaders, Process Experts and Continuous Improvement Champions. At our core, we are a team of humble, collaborative advisors who love solving problems and accomplishing ambitious goals.


We are looking for people who...

Collaborate. We openly and willingly share our ideas and knowledge. We work together, with our teammates and customers, to navigate complex business changes.


Ensure Accountability. Taking responsibility and owning up to commitments. Being answerable for your actions and the actions of those you lead. Being accountable makes you more visible and more open to criticism. On critical projects, it instills confidence in others when they know you have a vested interest in the positive outcome they are all striving towards.


Value Differences. It creates a work environment where people can, and want, to do their best. As the workforce is increasingly global, it has also become more diverse. The typical definition of diversity - race, ethnicity, culture – now includes perspectives, styles and thought. It opens the door to new ways of thinking and new opportunities for success.


Have Self-Awareness. The ability to clearly assess your own capabilities gives a foundation upon which to grow, develop and take on new challenges. Deploying yourself within life and work is greatly helped by really knowing your strengths, limitations and opportunities for growth. It allows us to bring our ‘best-selves’ to work.


Instill Trust. Trust lies at the heart of effective relationships. Whether in or out of workplace, trust generates feelings of goodwill. It enables successful and more productive outcomes. When there’s trust, things go more smoothly.


Additionally, we need people who live by these core competencies and have delivered results by being…


Solution Focused. [Collaborate, Ensure Accountability] Sifting through the various complexities that naturally occur with project teams and working with team members to deliver the best solution for a given opportunity.


Flexible. [Self-Awareness, Instill Trust] The ability to adapt to different roles and responsibilities while continuously adopting new skills. This flexibility results in successful solutions and translates into professional growth.


Emotionally Intelligent. [Self-Awareness, Value Differences] The ability to control identify and manage your emotions, as well as the emotions of others. You know how to handle sensitive situations with respect and empathy.


FarWell is an employee first organization.

Employee Experience (EX). EX is the foundation of our organization. Our EX mission is to grow an organizational culture that fosters Community, Career and Cause.  When this happens, we can make work meaningful. We achieve higher levels of fulfillment, and as a result, we create incredible experiences for our clients. To take care of our clients, we put our team members first.


Perks. FarWell pays 80% of your medical premiums and 90% of dental premiums for individuals. We include a 3% company contribution to your 401k, financial coach, Employee Assistance Program, and more.


What skills do you need?

Breadth + Depth. We are ideally looking for a "T-shaped” advisor – someone who has a broad interest and understanding of managing teams and business methods, but also has deep interest in a specialized area. However, being a FarWell advisor sometimes isn’t the only role we will ask you to play. We want someone who has their own big ideas, loves brainstorming sessions, and will participate in service innovation to drive our own internal improvement.


At this time, we need people who have a depth of knowledge as…

Work Manager.  We are looking for an experienced Project or Program Manager.

Executing + Advising.  undefined


It would also be great if you have a breadth of experience across…

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Required Education & Experience:


Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:


Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

This job description describes the general nature and scope of responsibilities for this position.  Please note other duties and responsibilities may be assigned or removed at any time.


Travel Expectations:


Work Environment & Physical Demands:


Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of the position.

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